Due Process Flies Out The Window.

Governor Dan Malloy and Connecticut Democrats desire to see the executive pen circumvent our constitutional rights and impose Marxist rule to prevent ‘we the people’ from due process of law. Governor Malloy recently announced his plan to further restrict gun purchases using a federal no-fly list.

This random list does not prevent terrorists and criminals from acquiring guns but gives the feds the right to take away the ability of law abiding citizens to arm themselves. Any one of us who disagrees with our government could be placed on this list at anytime without due process. The San Bernardino shooters were not placed on the list, and if what Phil Haney, a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol analyst, says is accurate, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is selective as to protecting the “civil liberties” of actual terrorists.

Meanwhile, Malloy and Senators Murphy and Blumenthal are fast tracking potentially the most radical, anti-American unveiled terrorists directly into the state from the hotbed of international terrorism in Syria.

Liberty loving groups including the Connecticut Citizens Defense League aka CCDL adamantly oppose the Governor’s and Senators’ actions.  If you are a gun owner in Connecticut and do not belong to CCDL, please join and financially support this LOL (Lori on Liberty) endorsed organization.

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