Liberty Will Win Hearts and Minds

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Never underestimate the will and moral courage of FREE men and women.” His words epitomize the true ‘State of the Union’ today, as opposed to the PCBS we heard during Obama’s final ‘State of the Union Address’.

For 7 years, Progressives, aka Communists, have had their way with our Bill of Right, treating Lady Liberty like a paid mistress. These Communists want to subjugate all of us to the doctrines of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and least we forget, Che Guevara. Their end goal is the end of America, as we know it.

Progressives want to ‘change’ our culture and ‘change’ our systems. They make false promises while destroying individual freedoms and sucking the life out of the middle class and working poor. Progressives attack capitalism while removing ladders of success. They replace human dignity with slavery, mock family values; and, concoct climate change and tax schemes to control our properties and assets. They desire to criminalize speech, redistribute the fruits of our labor; and, strip every uniquely American liberty – our natural and inalienable rights – out from under us.

Progressives, unlike Liberals, are padding their wallets as they serve the new global elite and join forces with the ‘nouveau riche’ or better said ‘uber neo rich’, Silicon Valley data miners like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Common Core’s, Bill Gates, and Google’s Eric Schmidt; the man who put our Communist President in the White House and who will use his search engine to place Progressive pin-up gal, Hillary Clinton, in the Oval Office. These are three very wealthy, opportunistic pimps who control communications in the U.S. and who are entering into agreements with governments across the globe to play Stratego with our personal data, right to privacy and freedom of speech.

It’s ironic, that as a constitutional conservative committed to identifying and exposing threats to our uniquely American Liberties, I am being attacked for calling Progressives Communists. Not from known Progressives, who may fear exposure, but by opportunists who claim to be Republican but who work for the Progressive cause, overtly, indirectly, blindly or for purely self-serving purposes.  The fact is, the label ‘Progressive’ is simply a politically correct, palatable and now fully mainstreamed term for a ‘Communist’.

Establishment born Republican are fearful of conservatives who speak of protecting the unborn, mention God, dismiss race baiters or ridicule big government programs like Common Core. Handmaidens to the left, they lack the courage to speak freely and openly, to stand for our Constitutional right to bear arms, to due process of law and privacy, or any topic that communists and their liberal media stooges have deemed politically incorrect, so as to shut down the conversation. They have locked their focus on taxes and the economy only to bolster the image that Republicans are the party of the rich – instead of the free.

The rules have changed in 2016. Liberty, my friends will win the hearts and minds of all Americans of all races, religions and national origins. It saddens me to watch as establishment Republicans work in opposition to patriots who have the will and courage to defend our uniquely American liberties and our Constitution, and to preserve an open and free society for generations to come. We are the not so silent majority.

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