“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” –Malcolm X.

Malcom X, is the American Muslim minister and black rights activist who was indoctrinated into radical Islam while serving time in jail for burglary. He rose to power within the ranks of the Nation of Islam, an Islamic hate group that brought black nationalism to the forefront of media attention during the late 50s and ‘early 60s. Their leader today, Louis Farrakhan continues preach hatred towards whites throughout the world. Farrakhan, is perhaps the most racist man in our country. He was named ‘man of the year’ by Obama’s minister of hate for America, the despicable Reverend Wright.

I find Malcom X fascinating for many reasons.  He has given me the opportunity to use his words in a very different light more than 50 years after he was murdered. Today, black nationalism is reflected in the Black Lives Matter movement that collaborates with anti-American Islamists and anarchists to racially profile and target whites, while it continues to recruit from our failed prison system and in our failed Progressive urban cities of despair.

Malcom X was assassinated by a black Muslim Islamic terrorist in New York City while addressing his Organization of Afro-American Unity on February 21st, 1965. I find this ironic given the Obama administration support for the Black Lives Matter movement, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is especially ironic that the Black Lives Matter movement claims the existence of systematic white privilege, which is not against the law, while denying the very real systematic discrimination against people with white skin, which is legal. The Supreme Court and the Obama Administration has chosen to perpetuate unjust and racist policies from immigration and housing, to jobs and education – to systematically target and discriminate against whites.

Skin color is not a measure of diversity it is a weapon of Progressive discrimination, redistribution and injustice. It exhibits a complete inability to understand diversity, which is far more than skin deep. It is the Progressive media’s most convenient weapon of choice to squelch speech and honest dialogue.

I believe the life and death of Malcom X today, is more relevant than the day he was murdered at the hands of a fellow black man, a radical member of the Nation of Islam, Thomas Hagen.  Towards the end of his life, Malcom X who once denounced whites as blue-eyed devils changed his views. He also discarded the Nation of Islam’s ideology, in favor of orthodox Islam In doing so, he feared for his own life from within the Nation of Islam, just as Islamic reformers like Dr. Zhuddi Jasser fear for their lives today.

Everyday, opinion editors and reporters intentionally print lies and omit substantive facts to manipulate the masses, or as Malcom X so eloquently stated, “To make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.” What’s worse, our magnificent Republic, built on the principle of inalienable rights and individual liberties, is being destroyed.

Each of the three branches of our government once had separate and independent powers and areas of responsibility. Unfortunately, our country is rapidly being transformed with the help of the media, or as Malcom X said, “…the power that manipulates the masses.”

Our legislative branch has relinquished its powers and its pledge to protect the Constitution. Nine robes read the law of our land through Progressive lenses torching the very essence of individual liberty, inalienable rights and a free and open society. Our politicians are bought and sold by foreign interests and pander to collective victims while destroying the essence of what made America great – LIBERTY.

Tyranny reigns supreme with the helping hand of Progressive opinion writers and journalists from the local rag to corporate owned media conglomerates.  As the news media closes its eyes and ears to truth and justice to push a Progressive agenda, it serves as nothing more than a propaganda machine for elected officials who desire not to empower the individual; but to control the masses, pad their wallets and protect their powers.

The reality of life is distorted beyond recognition by a media determined to fulfill a Progressive agenda and shove biased reporting into the brains of low information voters to keep Progressive politicians in power. The evidence of this fact is overwhelming. Politicians no longer have to keep their promises in order to remain in power. Exploitative pandering is given the green light. Elected officials deliver their press releases to dying news outlet reporters only to have them read or reprinted verbatim, without question and without accountability.  A democracy without objective journalists is a house without a door.

A free internet is the only seed of hope struggling to grow amidst the ruins of a crumbling fourth Pillar.  The internet has helped delay the inevitable destruction of Liberty, but the Obama Administration is about to turn internet access over to the United Nations and Facebook, Google and Twitter are already controlled government stooges.

The end of internet freedom will be the last nail in America’s coffin and I am sure the Progressive media is ecstatic to see it end. The last remnants of the crumbling fourth pillar of democracy will be destroyed by President Obama and silicon valley uber new rich progressive globalists, very soon.  The flow of information will stop. Internet bloggers who have not left a closet unopened to expose the rampant corruption in our politics and our society will soon be silenced.

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