Cultural Marxism and U.N. New World Order Versus Christopher Columbus

Columbus Statue NLBy Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh 2017-09-17  All rights reserved

Our American Republic’s future existence is in peril. Riots and demonstrations organized by Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary, and AntiFa are encouraged, promoted, attended and funded by a number of organizations like Planned Parenthood, elected officials, and the public education systems!

The images we see of violence in our cities and on campuses throughout the country are of planned ruckus’, designed by Democratic operatives, including President Obama. They lead today’s anti-Trump, anti-American, political RESIST movement. Know them for who and what they are – Cultural Marxists.

Nine years after Obama promised to heal racial wounds, fifty-three years after the Civil Rights Act became law, skin-color is dividing Americans more than ever before. Those responsible blame others and that is simply part of their political strategy.

So what exactly is Cultural Marxism and what ideology drives it?  Have you heard of Common Core? The fact is, Common Core stems from a United Nation’s Global Communist initiative and is one of the reasons why race relations in America continue to deteriorate. In 2012 the United Nations launched the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) to rally the Global Communist elite to mobilize and foster Global Citizenship to transform and cultivate our children into good little Marxists. This, my friends, is the New World Order and while you thought Federal control of education was unconstitutional, we will not have a constitution much longer if the United Nation’s ‘New World Order’ Globalism is not addressed.

Cultural Marxist philosophies started creeping into our education system at the college level first and today they are being taught relentlessly in schools and colleges across the nation and form the structure of Common Core with its massive data mining and behavior modification techniques being used on our children.  Parents are asleep, relying on a corrupt, U.N. serving, union-driven collective public education system to raise their children. ‘Hillary’s Village’, Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’, and Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ initiatives, also known as, our unconstitutional and Federally controlled public school system have sold our children to the United Nations.  Global communists like Bill Gates, are raising our children to be cultural Marxists, not citizens of the U.S.  Common Core is the latest name of the tools they are using to revise American history, demonize our traditions, destroy gender identity, and stoke the fires of hate and discontent.

Cultural Marxists in local government have been working lockstep to destroy America since the ‘60’s.  They are the reason why New London, CT in 2016 removed Columbus Day from the school calendar and replaced it with Indigenous Peoples Day. This campaign started in 1977 and by 1992 they had their first success in California.  They are actively brainwashing and blatantly lying to our children with the help of the Google search engine and uber-wealthy Silicon Valley Global Communists. Politicians make sure it happens, the media condones it with silence, and parents are too busy to stop it.

You know what political correctness is, but did you know ‘political correctness’ originated in Cultural Marxist theory? Classical Marxists say capitalism must be overthrown because it oppresses workers.  Cultural Marxists believe the problem is not economic. They believe that Christianity, natural law families, Ten Commandments, skin-color, gender bias, and sexual identity is what enslaves us and the only revolution in the name of social justice will free the marginalized from oppressive Western values. Notice how far this Cultural Marxist theory advanced under President Obama?

Fanatical feminists attack men for being men, blaming Patriarchy for their unhappiness. Black Lives Matter stirs the pot with claims of systematic racism while government affirmative action programs and education initiatives systematically discriminate against whites. There is not a single statistic supporting their claim that cops are racist thugs who seek out black men to murder in cold blood on a routine basis. The LGBTQP, have such political clout today that in CT they got a gender conversion bill passed that takes away a natural parent’s right to parent and a doctor’s right to save the life of a patient that has a statistically higher chance of suicide.

This is not normal or a coincidence, nor should we accept it. These ideas come from the theory of Cultural Marxism, pushed by politicians, academia, Hollywood, and the media to further their radical agenda to transform our nation and enrich themselves.  The terms liberal and progressive are nothing more than a ruse designed to deceive everyday Americans about their revolutionary agenda. They are not liberals on steroids; they are globalist, anti-American, Cultural Marxist, Global Communists.

Cultural Marxists desire to control our children’s minds and use Freudian theory to force identity and culture changes. They categorize the sheeple into divergent groups and then weave a sinister web to snare their subconscious in distant history to conjure up hate. They cultivate victimization and oppression propaganda to convince groups they must walk in lockstep to act against their oppressors. They stoke the fires of resentment and hate in order to further their Marxist goals and create a hostile and revolutionary ruckus.

The United States is bleeding liberty, feverish from the poison of the Cultural Marxists’ venom and overrun by their non-profit, government-funded spiderlings. The only thing standing in their way is Christianity, the foundation of our country, our traditions, our laws and our constitution.

Who symbolized Christianity in the Americas better than Christopher Columbus?  No other. That is why Cultural Marxist educators and politicians have revised history, are lying to our children, attacking the ‘Christ Bearer’s’ reputation and replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day.  Marxists must destroy the true foundation of Western culture –Christianity.  Only then will Global Communism and the New World Order be achieved.

Marxist scholars from the Institute for Social Research in Germany integrated the theories of Sigmund Freud with classical Marxism to develop the foundations of their mind manipulation techniques. After fleeing Hitler’s Germany to the US, they found a home with progressives and socialists in academia. They have spread their venom through the university system using colonialism and oppression as the basis for their divisive poison.

Marxism is utopian illusion – an ever-unattainable ruse. Cultural Marxists seek to destroy diversity, peace, and tolerance. They seek anarchy and power.  Their goal is to tear down traditions, individuality, and independence and establishing a totalitarian global government in the name of solving the world’s perceived injustices and saving the masses.   It is all smoke and mirrors.

They are the social engineers stifling speech for political correctness and developing safe spaces where their poisonous ideology can infect our youth. Cultural Marxists are found throughout our government and sit at seats of power in media conglomerates and universities like UCONN. They have gained astronomical wealth. Their fortunes are honed by grievances and fear and the groups they control are damaged even more because of them.

Black Americans, who vote en mass for these venomous politicians have been the worst afflicted.  Crafty are the Cultural Marxists who are able to get the sheeple to burn down their neighborhoods and businesses; tell the police to stand down while being pelted with rocks and Molotov cocktails, and have emergency responders assassinated in the name of social justice to keep the fires of discontent and fear burning.



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