Speakers Line Up for May 19th Event

Parental Rights Rally Advances Constitutional Values Preserving Faith, Family, and Freedom to Challenge Government Overreach and Anti-Christian Bigotry

HARTFORD, CT – On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, from 11am until 3pm, at the Connecticut Capitol North Steps, 120 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT, diverse family rights organizations, faith leaders, legal advisors, educators, parents and public officials will gather to decry government overreach into parents’ constitutional rights.  

Speakers include Connecticut Family Institute Executive Director, Peter Wolfgang; public education expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky; Attorney Deborah Stevenson of National Home Education Legal Defense; Hal Shurtleff, Director of Camp Constitution; Pro-life activist Christina Marie Bennett; Brian Camenker, Executive Director of Mass Resistance; Lynne Taylor the ‘Common Core Diva’; Anne Manusky of Child Abuse in the Classroom; Pastor Earl Wallace of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church; 2nd Amendment and Homeschool Activist, David Kopac; Constitutional Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate, Peter Lumaj; Marty Heiser of the Marty Heiser Show, among others.

Former U.S. Congressional Candidate, Radio Host and Constitutional Conservative, Lori Hopkins Cavanagh of the Lori on Liberty Show, and founder of the American Liberty Center, will host and emcee the event.  Information on the current list of speakers is found here: https://americanlibertycenter.org/speakers/  

This rally was organized in part due to the following grievances:

  1. In opposition to the passage of Public Act 17-5 AN ACT CONCERNING THE PROTECTION OF YOUTH FROM CONVERSION THERAPY in Connecticut https://www.cga.ct.gov/2017/act/pa/2017PA-00005-R00HB-06695-PA.htm  This factually baseless, scientifically unsupported, and ill-defined law is a direct attack on free speech, parent’s rights, and religious freedom.  Such medically irresponsible lawmaking is an extreme example of unconstitutional government overreach. See More…
  2. In opposition to the K-12 Sexual Education Standards adopted that redefine gender, which is developmentally inappropriate and obscene. These standards expose, groom, indoctrinate and sexualize prepubescent children into psychologically and physiologically damaging, unnatural, unhealthy, unproductive practices using statistically, factually and scientifically false information.
  3. In opposition to developmentally inappropriate and failing Common Core Standards mandated in local schools; unconstitutional involvement of the Federal Government into state education choices; and harmful and abusive, mandatory testing, data mining and student privacy abuses.
  4. In opposition to the lawlessness in Family Court and by Department of Children and Family enforcers that deny parents their Constitutional rights to due process, and to inherently corrupt, government-sponsored, parental alienation and child kidnapping.
  5. In opposition to the persecution of Christians by legislators, government subsidized organizations, and government-employed decision makers, who are actively attacking our unalienable rights and the foundation upon which our Judeo-Christian country was established.  
  6. In support and in defense of homeschooling.
  7. In support and in defense of 1st Amendment freedom of speech and religion from unconstitutional  ‘hate speech’ laws, censoring of licensed therapists, and government overreach into the fundamental freedom of commercial enterprises, clubs, churches, and organizations.
  8. In support and in defense of parents’ 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

“The right of parents to rear their minor children is a natural, unalienable right which includes the right to follow God-given Biblical and long-standing public, civic and family morals without government infringement and indoctrination of children. Traditional American family values are being openly, unjustly, and dishonestly attacked and condemned in a manner that is bigoted, hateful, and damaging to American society, and to the life, liberty, and happiness of minor children and their parents,” said Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh, organizer of the rally.


American Liberty Center is a nonpartisan organization formed in November 2015 to identify and expose threats to our uniquely American liberties and to preserve our free society within our Constitutional Republic.

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