If you have ever wondered what you, personally, can do to advance the cause of Liberty in America, you have found the right place. Our uniquely American Liberties, the Constitution, and our Republic, all face threats – unlike any other time in our nation’s brief history.

Each day, throughout the country; local, state and federal agencies operate without much transparency or public scrutiny and abuse their powers in myriad ways. The failed Public Education System has become an indoctrination machine for the far left’s anti-American agenda. The abusive Family Court System and Child and Family Agencies deny parents any semblance of due process. Our state and local Constitutions are routinely ignored and there is zero accountability for the privileged public officials who break the law.

Government overreach spurred by the ideologically anti-American, cultural Marxist movement, is the single most serious threat to our country’s national security, to freedoms of speech, religion and the right to bear arms.  It has had a devastating impact on the Natural family and on the health and welfare of our children.  It is the far left’s weapon of choice wielded to benefit drug cartels, human traffickers, pedophiles, abortionists, pharmaceutical companies and seemingly benign special interest groups.

As a most ardent defender of our Bill of Rights and limited government, American Liberty Center plans cooperative educational and political events that support the work of other organizations, of which you may be a member, who are fighting this threat.

Since you are here, your interest will most likely allow you to contribute to these efforts in some way. We will introduce you to men and women who believe as you do; that our uniquely American Liberties are sacred and priceless. They cannot be legislated from us or co-exist under any other law.


Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh


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