Parental Rights Rally

Donate to the ALC Parental Rights Rally Fund
Please support our growing list of nationally renown speakers, activists, and parents on May 19th at 11 am at the Connecticut Capitol North Steps in Hartford. Help us to expose government overreach, voice our grievances and restore life, liberty and the inherent rights of American families and Christians, nationwide.

There is no more insidious attack on our parental rights and Christianity than the recent legislative war waged by progressive groups across the country targeting parents, minor children, medical professionals, and traditional Biblical beliefs.  Our parental rights to raise our minor children without government interference is a fundamental American value and a liberty that must be protected. Our Christian Bible upon which our uniquely American Constitution was written must be protected.

From unauthorized and unwanted medical procedures, including mandatory vaccination; to the outrageous gender-centric, sexual and political indoctrination of our children in the public education system – The ‘village’ has decided that parents, science, natural law, religion, history, and the Constitution – no longer serve a purpose in America. 

Unconstitutional bills introduced and laws passed in states throughout the country give the government complete control of the mind, body, sex, identity, and future employment of your minor children. Parental alienation and the removal of parental authority cannot be tolerated and must be challenged for the safety and future of our children. This rally will point out these dangers and offer solutions.

The liberty of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, care and welfare of the parent’s child, so long as they not causing actual physical harm, is a fundamental right that may not be infringed upon.  

Donate to the ALC Parental Rights Rally Fund

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