American Liberty Center Events

ALC is working on a series of events surrounding the Christopher Columbus controversy. On Monday, Sept 18, a group of 20 speakers attended a dinner and New London City Council Metting with the author of the new book ‘Christopher Columbus the Hero’, Raphael Ortiz.  This diverse group of people included Common Core experts, ACT for America leadership in Connecticut, Knights of Columbus members and members of the community.  In 2016, the New London Board of Education voted unanimously to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. 2.28.17 BOE APPROVED CALENDAR 2017 2018 Final (1) Not only is the term Indigenous a nonsensical term, it pays tribute to nothing.  This effort has been in process for over 40 years. It is pushed by revisionist academia who hate Christ and America. These social Marxists are a grave danger to the fabric of our country, our constitution and our uniquely American liberties.

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