Donate to the American Liberty Center

It seems that everyone is asking for money for every cause! The progressive left is raining bullets on Liberty while taxpayer funds are supporting the very progressive groups that want to destroy our Republic. So, why should you contribute to the American Liberty Center?

Lovers of Liberty are like herding cats! We do not operate naturally in collectives and we are up against armies of collective, global communist groups and organizations.  Their well-funded destructive machines are coming for our guns and gunning for our children.  American Liberty Center understands that in order to make a ruckus and stop their progressive degenerative assault on our great country, we must stand together. Our public rallies and event, education initiatives and community outreach are designed to do just that. Herd Constitutional Conservatives!

Few venues will allow Constitutional Conservatives to use their facilities for fear of the left targeting their businesses. Many churches vier clear of ‘political’ activism. Our costs of renting equipment and venues for events depends on your contribution.  Municipalities routinely place roadblocks on permits to stop free speech. We have had to raise money to challenge these activities in court. It is getting more difficult than ever to sound the alarms of freedom.

The Parental Rights Rally on May 19th in Hartford, CT is an urgent and timely outdoor event.  We need your help to raise money for a handicap porta-potty, a sound system, signage, shelter canopies, and public relations. Without your help, we cannot keep our efforts moving forward. Please donate whatever you can.

Donations are not tax deductible. God bless you and thank you.

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