All people are blessed with inalienable rights but only Americans have that blessing inscribed into law. Our uniquely American Liberties are God-given not government given rights.  When we take our uniquely American Liberties for granted, rogue government forces usurp our freedom and enslave the people.  These rights and American history are no longer taught in public schools. Nature’s God, Nature’s Law, and the Bible have been banished from the classroom.  Generations of American children have now been led into darkness by Cultural Marxist, Global Communists who control the public education system, Google, and Facebook, as well as, corporate media.

This multi-generational and destructive Communist take-over of our country has nearly obliterated the American Judeo-Christian faith, the nurturing family unit, and self-determination – the individual freedoms that made our country great, and the principles that our country was founded upon.  We can no longer take our Liberty for granted.

These enemies have infiltrated our courthouses, police departments, schools, and hospitals.  They are rich social media moguls and government-sponsored global hedge fund managers. They can be found in churches that have abandoned Biblical teachings, in every political party, and in so-called non-profit community organizations. They work tirelessly to destroy our culture with the empty promise of change while morally bankrupting our society. They perpetuate pain and suffering to bolster their revenue streams and fuel their power.

Gun violence, homelessness, joblessness, poor health, drug addiction, broken families and the dumbing down of American students are issues that can all be directly connected to anti-American Progressive policies and laws.  These issues are inextricably woven into the Cultural Marxist, Global Communist ideology that has invaded our country.  With your help, they will not prevail.


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