The public education system in our country has become the breeding ground for anti-American indoctrination of children and the destruction of faith and family. In accordance with our Constitution, education is not a responsibility of the Federal government. Our founding fathers reserved that right for the states specifically to prevent the political indoctrination of children by anti-American subversive forces.  The national teacher’s unions are such a force and are a dangerous threat to our uniquely American Liberties.

It is essential that control of schools, standards, curriculum, and testing is returned to local control and all funding from the federal government ceases.  The Department of Education must be eliminated. The farther away a decision is made from those it affects, the worse that decision is. Local control fosters local involvement. Local involvement ensures the best educational outcome.  We can see the detrimental effects of Federal control of education in the dumbing down and Marxist ideology of our students.

American Liberty Center recommends all parents and grandparents remove their children from public school immediately.  We cannot stress enough how important this is. There are so many free resources online and in the community to assist in this effort.

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  • Unhealthy Sex Education
  • Curriculum Review
  • Homeschooling
  • Privacy
  • Parental Rights
  • Global Communism and United Nations Education Initiatives
  • National Teachers Union
  • Political Activism
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