Parents believe they can control the medical choices for their minor children.  Sadly, today, that is a mistake.  The pharmaceutical lobby and overreaching government agencies have placed parents in constant danger of losing their children to the State through mandatory vaccine administration and medical kidnapping. Something as simple as deciding not to vaccinate your child or bringing your child to the local emergency room to care for an injury or sickness puts you at risk for being accused of medically abusing or neglecting your child.

Medical kidnapping occurs when the State takes away children from their parents and places them under State custody and into the foster care system, simply because the parents disagree with a doctor’s prescribed medical treatment. Telling a doctor you are going to seek a second opinion on a suggested medical procedure, can lead to a charge of “abuse” resulting in the loss of your children.

State-sponsored child kidnapping is aided by mandatory vaccine registries in which parents who refuse any vaccine are required to register that choice; opening the door to a ‘medical neglect’ claim and removal of your children from your home. Without any formal charges being brought against the parents, children can be removed immediately, without a warrant issued by a judge.

In this unAmerican system, Parents are assumed guilty, and due process is nonexistent. Parents must spend significant financial resources to get their children back from a family court system that is cloaked in secrecy with little to no accountability. Sometimes parents are able to get their children back. Too often, the state adopts out the children of parents without the financial wherewithal to legally fight this injustice. Even in the instances where the children are allowed to return home to their parents, they are severely traumatized.

The number of cases of state-sponsored kidnappings is unknown. Parents fear that challenging the State would hurt their chances of getting their children back. Parents who find the courage to come forward and fight the corrupt system often face a judge in family court that issues an unconstitutional gag order against them.

Medical kidnapping is not just for children. The medical kidnapping of seniors and the seizure of their assets to cover medical expenses is also a real threat to our American Liberties.

At American Liberty Center, we consider mandatory vaccination a form of Medical Kidnapping.  Registry laws that require parents to register unvaccinated children are an unconstitutional overreach into the privacy and parental rights of families.

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